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Autumn in April and Goofy GIFs

Most of my “hobby time” lately has been devoted to listening to Victorian/Edwardian ghostly/mysterious short stories on YouTube (I recommend Bitesized Audio Classics!) while working on a diamond painting.  The diamond painting is on an autumnal theme, so it’s a perfect match. 😁 Actually, though– as I may have mentioned here a few dozen times before– it is always autumn in my heart, so I may just carry on doing October things until the months flip by and the calendar agrees with me.  I’ll take a brief break for Thanksgiving, Christmas, maybe New Year’s Eve (though I’m not big on NYE, to be honest)… Then it’s back to Always-Autumn Fantasy Land for me! 😎

My current quilt project is also autumnal.  Bonnie Hunter’s “Appalachian Autumn”.  

It was in time-out for a while because I was dreading making the sashing and cornerstones, but now those are underway.  The leaves are also joined up into foursomes, and the next step is to fully assemble the quilt center.  

Here are a couple of photos taken along the way:

Today I noticed that this pattern includes a skinny inner border I’d completely overlooked!  It’s just a narrow strip of a single fabric.  The pattern calls for burgundy, though, and I don’t have enough of a single print/solid fabric in that color.  Even if I went scrappy, I don’t think I can rustle up enough burgundy to do the job.  I could wait until I can get to a store to buy some… Or I could place an order online… Or I might just see what else I have in the stash.  Maybe a scrap-happy mix of darker oranges would work.  We’ll see!  

Other than that, there’s no crafty progress to report since last time.  I still haven’t resumed work on the doily.  I haven’t picked up a crochet hook in weeks, at this point.  Maybe more than a month.  I need to get back to it!  

I discovered that my phone can take “motion photos”, and I’ve been having way too much fun making silly gifs, like these I snapped of the TV while watching the Rifftrax version of Kiss of the Tarantula.

It’s one of those weird old horror films– perfect for Always-Autumn Fantasy Land! 😜 1975-vintage clothes and hair, goofy horror, funny jokes (if you watch the Rifftrax version), and more tarantulas than you ever wanted to see.  


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