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Assembly Line Sewing

I’ve cut out the neutral fabric for the half-square triangle quilt.  It’s just about equally split among three fabrics– slightly different shades of pale cream/ecru with unobtrusive white prints.

Last night, I finished a few of the HSTs to see how they’ll look. 

Here are the trimmed HSTs:

Sewing Half-Square Triangles

Of course, when I lay out the actual quilt, I won’t put the same prints so close together, but that photo gives you a rough idea of the plan. 

I’m using a two-at-a-time method.  (Here’s a blog entry with a photo tutorial of the process, though I’m doing things a little differently– drawing two lines instead of one and sewing directly on those lines.) 

There’s also a method where you sew around all four sides of the
square, then cut it along both diagonals.  In that method, you get four
identical HSTs.  I’d like to try that, someday, but this time, I’d
already planned on using this 2-at-a-time technique, and it seems to be
working well.

Here’s a “chain” of the squares fresh off the sewing machine:

Sewing Half-Square Triangles

…Then you cut down the diagonal and end up with a bunch of triangles waiting for trimming and pressing (or pressing and then trimming, depending on your method):

Sewing Half-Square Triangles

– – – – – – –

This has been a dark and dreary day.  Drizzle and light rain… Chilly (48F in the middle of the afternoon)… Gloomily overcast. 

Sometimes I don’t mind rainy days– in fact, in the right mood, I enjoy them– but today, it’s just made me prone to sad thoughts and an unwillingness to move around as much as I ought. 

Sitting at the brightly-lit, warm sewing table and handling cheerful colors has helped.  However, it’s probably time to get something “real” (i.e. not purely fun) done!  Turn on more lights, turn up some music, and move.

At least the rain will end tonight.  A good thing, too, because there are outdoor projects in need of attention, as soon as it’s bearable to be outside again.


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