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Afghan Itch

Since finishing the booties and dodecahedron, I’ve been making doilies (on my third at the moment, and need to block the first two).  My plan was to spend my crochet time this late spring / early summer making doilies and possibly weaving in ends on two finished afghans (my Sunny Seaside Moorish Mosaic and the Flower Garden Hexagon– because, tsk-tsk, I still haven’t woven in all the ends from even that afghan)… But I’ve been getting the afghan itch again…

I keep thinking about the Weekend in Stockholm throw, in particular.  Yes, I’ll admit it:  Part of the reason I want to make that afghan might be its name.  My husband is Swedish, and I visited Stockholm with him before we were married.  (Gamla Stan and the verdigris on the copper roofs were two of my favorite things from the city.)  But I also just like the design of the square, honest! (g)

…So… I’m thinking I may “have” to start an afghan in the hot time of this year, after all.  Since it’s not a join-as-you-go, most of the work won’t be any hotter than doily-crocheting, anyway.

…But then there’s that string quilt kit my mother put together for me for my birthday… I’m a little nervous about sewing a “real” quilt (as opposed to a rag quilt), but I’m also interested to see how it might turn out.  There are so many different kinds of fabrics in the kit, and that’s what I like most about so many quilts– the hodge-podge of different colors and patterns.

…And speaking of sewing, I never did make those skirts last summer, and I’ve been wishing I had more comfortable around-the-house/yard warm-season clothes… I think I have everything I need to sew a couple of them…

Decisions, decisions!


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