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Ack! July Already?!

I’m going into panic mode.  …I sort of live right on the edge of panic mode, honestly.  It’s way too easy to push me over that edge.  (What can I say?  I’m a worrywart who loves predictability and routine.)

There is SO MUCH TO DO in a limited time frame.  There’s just no way it’ll all get done.  I’m reconciled to that.  Hey, I knew even when I was making those massive to-do lists, months ago, that it wouldn’t all get done.  It never does.  But now I’m down to making lists of what must be done, and I’m starting to panic that that won’t happen, either!  (Note: My idea of what “must” be done includes lots of things that… don’t really have to get done.  Such is My Way.)

Anyway, crafts.  I am working on things now and then, because– doggone it!– if I don’t have some craft time, I’ll cease to function at all.

The floral mysteryghan?  It’s on hold.  I haven’t even considered working on last Friday’s clue.  It’s the last one.  This week, we learn how to assemble the motifs and how to make the edging.  I’ll just save the clues for a calmer time.  Some time when I can enjoy the process.

The Cheerful Afghan?  Also on hold.  I had a moment of madness when I thought I would finish it in the next week or so.  Ha ha ha!  Um, no.  I did finish the Crocodile Flower, though (which as you may recall had been in time-out for months).  Then I selected another pattern and made the final block for the afghan.  It’s ready to assemble!  But the assembly process promises to be a bit more challenging and time-consuming than usual, so I’m putting it back into hibernation.

I guess I’ve been in an “it’s suddenly very important to finish this languishing WIP– *work work work*– oh, no, there’s not enough time to finish that right now!–*panic panic*” mood, because I also picked up the Isis shawl and worked a few more rounds on that.  I’m going to add some more rounds before starting the edging, because right now it looks too small on me.  A shawl that looks too small is not flattering.  It’s a speedy project, but since other things take priority– and I’m still not sure if/when I’ll ever wear the thing– it’s on the back burner again. 

Meanwhile, two small secret projects are in the works.  (Deadline: Tomorrow, really…)  I’m also covering some more crochet hooks with polymer clay.  If I can remember, I’ll try to take a photo or two to post.  (Maybe also photos of the recently completed crochet blocks.)

In between the Ought-to-Do’s and MUST-Do’s, there’s a list of Want-to-Do’s.  Included: Trying out some size 20 thread to figure out what size hook I need to use with it.  Also, I’ve selected a crocheted cowl pattern I want to take with me, but what yarn should I use?!  And which color crochet thread to bring?!  And do I have enough doily patterns selected, or should I bring extras, just in case?  And…which hooks dare I risk bringing through security?  Will they be brats and confiscate a beloved metal hook? 

…Back to the To-Do lists!


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