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A Real Page-Turner

The “Tall Tales” quilt feels like it’s picking up speed– turning into a real page-turner, if you will. 😉  This is the sweet spot of the project, that part where you know exactly what you’re doing in exactly what order.  You have it down to a science.  You’re almost sad that you’re past the halfway point.  (Well.  Almost. For one minute, before you move on to feeling that you can’t wait to be done with it so you can start something different!)

I’m up to 36 on the wall (one more added after I took this photo). 

There are new kits on the table, ready to go. (Though some of these are already sewn and on the wall, replaced by yet more kits! Things are moving!)

Soon I’ll need to figure out whether 49 is enough or if I should size up to 56 books.  There’s also the possibility of adding a border.  Maybe some string piecing… I’m not sure how that would look.  The strings might turn out to be more time-consuming than just working up another handful of the book blocks, but they would be a change of pace.  

One of the “words” fabrics I’m using is pure gibberish.  

Some of the phrases and words sound a bit negative… “Pond of tragedy”?  “Pointless rejection”?  “Empty with empty”?  “Discrimination”?  Just a little strange, but I like the way the print looks. 

Still, some of the phrases were enough to make Mister Frodo do a double take. 😉


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