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A Pillow for My Camera

Well, technically, it’s a bean bag.
Only there are no beans in it. . .

After thinking about it for I-don’t-know-how-many months (if not years), I eventually got around to working on this extremely difficult project.

Actually, there are very few sewing projects easier than this one. It’s just a very simple pillow– and not a very pretty one, at that, with my ugly (but functional and mighty sturdy) “closure seam”*. (I couldn’t even be bothered to switch to black thread to match my fabric! What a sloppy seamstress!)

For stuffing, I wanted something lightweight. From what I understand, there are times when you’ll want something heavier– and for those times, it’s good to use beans, rice, or something similar. One day, I might make a refillable bean bag for that type of filling. However, there are also times when weight isn’t an issue, and convenience and comfort call for something lighter.

I’d read online about people using tiny styrofoam (or similar material) balls– like the stuff you’ll find in a bean bag chair. However, I wasn’t sure if that material would be readily available in local stores– or how much it might cost (probably not a lot, but you never can tell)– and I was impatient to get it done that day. (After waiting all those months, you’d think I could’ve waited another week or so, but no. I had to make my beanless camera bean bag right then.)

The solution: Why, chop up some styrofoam packing peanuts, of course! (Isn’t it obvious?)

Let me be the first to tell you that chopping packing peanuts is a messy, staticy job. If you’ve ever tried to cut or break apart styrofoam before, you’ll probably be able to imagine what it was like. If you can possibly find the tiny foam balls, you’re better off going that route. If, however, you are impatient (or broke), you can make the peanuts work. I did, and they do. (g)

And now that I’ve made my nifty little bean-free bean bag, how many times do you think I’ve used it? Not once. But at least I know it’s there. ;o)

*Incidentally, it shows how completely self-taught/untaught a sewer I am that I’m not even sure what the correct term is for that type of seam… Top-stitch? I really couldn’t say!


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