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A Little Something for the Thread-Heads

 I don’t have anything finished to show, but I have been crocheting more of the mini doilies.  I’ve kind of gotten into a rut, actually.  I’ve made one of the mini doily patterns twice, and another of them three times! (99 Little Doilies, by Patricia Kristoffersen.) 

At this point, I decided it was time to stop crocheting the same pattern obsessively and start weaving in the ends.  Of course, since I’d been using remnants of thread, these mini doilies have more ends than usual.  Some of them have six ends; one has eight.  They begin to add up!  But at least the process has begun.  A good podcast should make it go more smoothly.  

Here’s a photo of the current “bowl of thread”.  

It’s bulked up with the latest full-size doily (also in need of end-weaving, still) and the small remnant balls of thread that… remain.  (Back into the jar with you!  Your time hasn’t come yet, poor things.  …What?  Don’t you also assume that what your craft supplies most desire is to be made into something and that they’re disappointed when they aren’t selected? Maybe it’s just the early hour doing weird things with my brain.)

. . . Anyway . . .

It seems like a good time to choose the next thread crochet pattern.  I briefly considered Julia Hart’s “Oculus of Stars”, which is gorgeous and huge.  The problem with huge doilies is that they require a huge amount of yardage, and I don’t have enough of any single color.  I could combine colors, but I didn’t really want to do that for this one.  Nor did I want to wait until I could obtain a sufficient amount of a single color– so it was time to make another pattern selection.  

Why not a different pattern by Julia Hart?  I’d noticed that she’s just released another (smaller) pattern, and it is also a beauty.  (And it was even 50% off!)  Great!  That means my next thread crochet project will be “Flora”.  I selected an autumnal green thread– Artiste in “Moss”.

This last item concerns a different type of thread.  Last week, I started considering what color thread to use for quilting my “Punkin’ Patch” quilt.  It’s been waiting a while, and I’d really like to at least start quilting it during October.  

The original contenders were a medium-dark grey, a lighter silver, a muted green (“Kiwi”), and a brighter, neon green (“Peridot”).  If I wanted something to blend, the silver or “Kiwi” seemed like the way to go, but then I started to think that maybe a color with a bit more punch and contrast might be good.  After all, this is a funky quilt, so it can handle something a little on the wild side.  The thread is very matte, as well, and so thin that I doubt it could dominate if it tried (unless I did some very intense, heavy quilting, which I don’t plan to do).  

There’s always the option of changing my mind, but at the moment, I think I’m going with “Peridot” (the neon green).  I’m still not sure what patterns I want to quilt, and I haven’t even begun loading it on the frame, so there’s plenty of time to reconsider.  

And there you have it– the latest thread-related goings-on in my crafty life!


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