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A Little of Everything

It’s happened again!  Time keeps slippin’ into the future, as they say! 😜

I was ready to post some photos a couple of weeks ago, but then I had technical difficulties, which meant no photos.  A craft blog without photos is a very sad thing, so the blog went on hold. There was nothing we could do to fix those problems, but Donald showed me a way to work around them, and I’m able to post photos again.  

This will be a hodge-podge blog entry with a little of this, a little of that, and maybe even a dash of “Oh my gosh, why are there so many photos of daylilies?! This is supposed to be a craft blog, not a garden blog, you monster!”  (I do technically have a garden blog, but I haven’t posted there in so long… They’d be lonely!)

So, where to start…?

I finished a diamond painting a while ago.  It’s an autumn-themed picture– pumpkins and some unknown-to-me birds.  I really like how this one turned out!  The darker background makes the subject stand out nicely.  

I’m working on another one, but I’ve been taking it slowly.  It’s my first one with square drills!

– – – – – – –
I finished the doily I was crocheting last time I posted.  It needs blocking for photos, still.  The next doily is already underway, “Oculus of Stars” by Julia Hart.  It’s a really beautiful pattern– a large doily, so I’ll be working on this one for quite some time.  

I whipped up a couple of tiny doilies to put in with Mom’s gift for Mother’s Day.  They’re nothing too special, but sometimes those little doilies are good for tight spaces, to go under a what-not on a narrow shelf, window sill, etc.  The patterns for these were designed by Patricia Kristoffersen.  

– – – – – – –
Still on the subject of gifts, I made some felt Sheltie Christmas tree ornaments for my youngest sister. 

The first couple are modeled after a photo I found online.  
In this photos, I was trying to determine which beads to use for eyes.  It got kind of creepy, like a horror-movie creature cross between a Sheltie and a spider…

In the end, I settled on these beads as my best option.  (I didn’t have many beads in the right size, and color choices were limited, too.)

The pattern from this other one is available for free from Susan at Downeast Thunder Farm: “Bruno the Sheltie”.  Such a cute pattern!  There are free patterns for many other felt creatures on the same website.  You could make a tree full of them. 

– – – – – – –
I finally got into gear to finish the “Appalachian Autumn” quilt top!  

Progress photos… The units for the borders…

The center of the top… 

And then the whole thing put together…

Sometimes Luna is so, soooo bored by quilt-making.  Can’t the People think of anything better to do than fiddling around with little pieces of cloth?!  

But other times she’ll come to see how the piecing is going.  If the air is trending blue, she’ll slink off to someplace “safe”, away from annoying, misbehaving sewing machines.  If everything’s going well (no sighs or exclamations of frustration), she’ll stop and visit a while, maybe give a kiss or two and ask to be petted.  

Now I “just” need to figure out the backing and get it quilted.  For now, it’s folded neatly in the closet.  I need a break from this project!
I wasn’t up to the challenge of deciding what the next project will be– too many options!– so I pulled out the crumbs I’d been sewing together before. (The boxes of pieces were conveniently still on the double tables)  I’ve been doing a little more with those, seeing how much I’d already made and putting more of them together.  I’ll keep playing with them until I run out of crumbs, finish enough to make a quilt top, get tired of looking at them, or have the inspiration to start another project.  

– – – – – – –
These last photos have nothing to do with anything crafty, but they’re hobby-related, considering that gardening is a hobby.  

These are just some photos from the garden, taken over the past two or three weeks.  They’re mostly daylilies, but there are a couple of other flowers– clematis and gladiolus.  

And to close, a gif of Frodo helping out in the garden… 


I’m Michael (a female Michael, to remove any doubt).  I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast with my husband, Donald, and our crazy American Eskimo Dogs. 

I love to fill my spare time with various crafts and other hobbies, and this blog is where I share photos, record my progress, and ramble endlessly.

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