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A Handful of Doilies

Hey, long-neglected blog! 

There’s a lot to catch up on, so I’ll just dive in with a handful of doilies.  There are more (most of which are even blocked, wonder of wonders!), but these are the only new ones photographed, at this point.

Pattern by Grace Fearon.

The thread is Alize Miss Batik, colorway 3715. 

I had some leftover thread from that ball, after crocheting “Ivy”, so I decided to make “Siobhán”, by the same designer.  (Free pattern!)

I ended up crocheting three of that pattern with the leftovers, and it’s interesting how different the results can be with these small doilies worked in slow-change variegated threads. 

And that’s it for those! 
Fun to crochet, as always.  The variegated thread helps keep things interesting, of course.  Little doilies are also just about the closest you’ll get to instant gratification in the world of thread crochet!


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