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365 Days of Flowers

Still in the process of catching up on the 365 Flowers project!

(Yes, I still need to work on The Mittens.  I finished the thumbs and weaved in all the ends.  Next is swatching the furry yarn.  There’s also a doily that is just barely started.  At the moment, all I can think about, in terms of yarn/thread, is catching up on this flower project.  A moment of crochet flower madness is good for the soul.)

Here are the next five flowers:

365 Days of Crochet Flowers

365 Days of Crochet Flowers

365 Days of Crochet Flowers

And here are all of the first ten together.  (Not quite half-way caught up…)

365 Days of Crochet Flowers

There are already three more that are crocheted (with loose ends still waving free), so the next batch should be ready very soon.

365 Days of Crochet Flowers

Yeah, they’re fun to make. 
Highly recommended, if you’re a fan of flowers and crochet.  ;o)


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