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2012: The Year of the Afghan

I don’t believe it was a conscious decision, but 2012 has turned out to be the Year of the Afghan for me.  (g)

Let me count them up…

I started the year by finishing an afghan begun the year before– the Very Vintage V-Stitch-Ghan (which I’ve been using and loving a lot this season).

I’ve started a few long-term-project afghans this year:

I also started (but did not finish) the A-Gypsying We’ll Go Afghan.  (That’s the paperweight granny / African flower motif blanket, for those keeping track.)  I’ve picked up work on that one again, now, but there’s no way I’ll finish it before year’s end.  (Wouldn’t even want to try!)

And in the category of “Started and Finished in 2012” we have these:

That’s in addition to everything else I crocheted and knitted this year– four knitted hats (including my very first ever), five knitted neck-warmers/cowls (including my first complicated knitted cables), crocheted amigrumi cats (and a few other animals, as well), two crocheted neck-warmers, five (?) pillow covers, two crocheted mesh grocery bags, crocheted and knitted scrubbers aplenty, two pin cushions, several crocheted potholders, two crocheted bowls, a t-shirt-yarn dog-toy basket, a simple crocheted scarf, and several doilies (including my first Irish crochet).

Three of this year’s blankets were gifts (and I also sewed a denim-and-flannel rag quilt as a gift).  I’ve no plans to make afghans for Christmas gifts in 2013, so that should cut down on the workload.   Substantially.  ;o)

I enjoyed making those gifts, but I’m looking forward to taking my time over upcoming projects.  As I mentioned before, I’ve been working on the paperweight granny afghan again, and for my next (not already in-progress) afghan, I have at least a specific color scheme in mind– something that will make a dent in the stash of bright red yarn I’ve accumulated from thrift stores over the past few years.  (I’m thinking a Cath Kidston-inspired afghan is in order…)  I’d also like to try another mix-and-match motif afghan, sometime– but there are so many other ideas jostling for my attention… Ah, decisions, decisions!  :o)

And that’s just the afghans!  Gosh, I’ve also been itching to try a large-scale doily for our coffee table… And I want to try knitting fingerless mitts! –And!  Well, just look at my recent post about resolutions.  (g)  No shortage of want-to’s!


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